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Hello and welcome to my site, the home of SMART FITNESS SERVICES. My name is Martin Smith, and I am a freelance Personal Trainer operating in and around the Peterborough area.


I have a wealth of experience and knowledge gleamed from spending the majority of my life either working in, or being involved in the fitness and sports industries.


Having been passionate about sports from an early age, and developing a keen interest in health and fitness as my life progressed, my path to full time Personal Trainer always seemed logical, and I thrive on passing on this passion, knowledge and enthusiasm to our SMART clients.


On my site you will find further information regarding my qualifications, services that we offer, experience and client testimonials.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about any of the services we provide at SMART personal training and sports conditioning.

‘Since working out with Martin, I have really improved my personal fitness and flexibility. Martin has enabled me to stretch my capabilities and improve myself. I am amazed at how far I've come and what I can now achieve.’

Roxy Shar








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28 Day Accelerated Fat Loss Program

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Get the results you deserve NOW! Bespoke training and nutrition plans available


Get a professional assessment on the cause of your aches and pains, and a remedial approach to your rehabilitation


Get in touch to enquire about SMART fitness Bootcamp sessions for a stronger, leaner and healthier you


Business Hours - 1 to 1 available between:

Boot Camp!!

BOOTCAMP is now available in Peterborough.

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